BIM Consulting

Bimgraphix provides BIM Implementation support to organizations such as construction companies, General Contractors, consultants, architects. We act as a strategic BIM partner to the client by providing training and educating them with a seamless transition from CAD drafting to BIM implementation. With our vast Multidisciplinary BIM experience from various sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Fabrication and Erection. We help clients in achieving quick turnaround time using BIM with minimum upfront cost.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its truest sense is an exciting opportunity of change for the AEC sector. The intelligent use of technology with associated process change will see an enhanced approach and increased efficiencies for all sector disciplines including architecture, engineering, construction and facilities management.

BIM Consulting is committed to helping clients save money and time, reduce risk and improve quality through better access to real-time data coupled with more effective communication and collaboration

BIM Implementation

The first step is to analyze the current capabilities of your project or organization, including technology, processes and people. An in-depth analysis of each of the fields to understand the current level of BIM maturity. The result of this stage is to create a BIM Implementation plan for further BIM adoption

Bimgraphix help the clients to develop BIM-specific processes, workflows and dynamics which enable them to effectively implement the BIM mechanism in all projects. BIM standards will help clients to adopt BIM on all their projects and also support the project partners to work as per agreed guidelines for BIM services and deliverable. Our BIM implementation services help organizations with effective process management, developing professional guidelines & templates, managing complex projects on BIM and improve ROI.

BIM Execution Plans (BEP)

Once a contract has been awarded then the winning supplier is required to submit a further BIM Execution Plan. Who is responsible for preparing the information and what protocols and procedures will be used to develop the information. The benefit of this is it helps the people involved keep on track with what they are doing within the project. A properly implemented BEP will ensure the big picture for the project is clear. By doing this, the project has a greater chance of being successfully completed on-time and within budget.

The BEP should also detail working procedure. How will BIM volumes be managed and maintained? What file name conventions will be adopted? What construction tolerances set and what attribute data required? A common approach to annotation, abbreviations and symbols will also be required to avoid potential ambiguity. You'll also need to determine what software will be used, what data formats will be used for exchange and what other data management systems are brought into play.