Clash Coordination

Clash detection and resolution is the key aspects of BIM modeling services. We can detect multidisciplinary clashes and report them to you well before preventing any delays and cost overruns as the construction process proceeds. This eliminates rework during the construction phase, saving time and money.

We resolve clashes among all trades including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, concrete and several others by our experienced and qualified team. Coordinated model incorporating Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines is the output after adjustments to the clashes to ensure minimum constructability constraints during construction.

Coordinated BIM model is free of any interdisciplinary clashes in designs among all the parties involved. These coordinated BIM Models can be used by engineers/architects to develop better schedules, minimize material and cost losses and maximize production efficiency.

Clash Coordination Services

  • Detection of clash at early stage
  • Saves time and faster construction on site.
  • Clash free coordinated drawings on site.
  • Minimizing rework and delays.
  • Better visualization of design.
  • Reducing number of RFI’s.
  • High quality construction documents.
  • Smoother construction process.