MEP Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems of building construction are unique as they provide the greatest details for Fabrication and installation details compared to Construction drawings.

HVAC Services require prefabrication include ductwork, air-handling units, and custom piping connections between equipment and building services. The MEP coordinated shop drawing is equipped by integration of all building services - Electrical, Piping, Plumbing, HVAC and Duct Layout drawings. Coordinated MEP shop drawing allows getting a clear plan of action to each systems contractor. It enables the contractors to prevent problems arising during construction with efficient fabrication, installation and project planning.

Electrical connections and the housing for large electrical equipment will often require shop drawings. Floor space is often at a premium, and an accurate layout of exact dimensions of electrical equipment can make installations run smoothly. Likewise, cable trays which carry hundreds of connections across multiple floors have to be coordinated with plumbing and HVAC systems.

The final dimensional accuracy of fabricated building components are taken from shop drawings, rather than the design detail and layout drawings prepared by an architect or engineer. For this reason, shop drawings serve as another set of eyes to catch discrepancies before field installation.

Our MEP Shop Drawings Services includes Followings.

  • Coordinated shop drawings
  • Sheet metal drawings
  • Pipe fabrication drawings.
  • Mechanical Shop drawings
  • Electrical Shop drawings
  • Plumbing Shop drawings
  • Plumbing Spool MEP Drawings
  • Mechanical Plant Room Shop drawings
  • Fire protection Shop Drawings
  • Coordinated Drawings
  • Isometric MEP Drawings
  • MEP Construction Drawings
  • MEP Penetration Drawings