Plumbing BIM

We offer precise Plumbing BIM services which include development of intelligent 3D BIM models, plumbing drawings, pipe sizing, Layout generation, medical and natural gas, water supply, waste and vent including fire -protection. We perform detail integration of manufacturer’s information with Plumbing BIM models which ensure that developed Plumbing models have all the relevant information.

We use wide range of software’s, Revit MEP, Autodesk fabrication CADmep, AutoCAD MEP for development of BIM Models & Shop Drawings. We use Navisworks for coordination of Plumbing services with other building disciplines, Architecture, Structural & other MEP Services. The clashes from the report are summarized in a matrix and shared with project stakeholders for redesigning their system.

We are familiar with international plumbing codes. We use IPC and UPC codes to determine pipe size and drainage requirements. With our drainage design, required flow is assigned to each plumbing fixture. This helps us in delivering projects with greater accuracy when estimating costs and timelines, lowering costs and improving workflow.

Our Plumbing BIM Services includes Followings.

  • Plumbing Fixtures Modelling
  • Walk-through of Plumbing BIM Model
  • Plant Room Modelling & Coordination.
  • Sleeve & Hanger BIM Modelling
  • Steam and Boiler Piping
  • Domestic (Hot/ Cold) water piping
  • Sanitary and Vent System Piping
  • Storm water Drainage System
  • Compressed Air and Fuel/Medical Gas Piping
  • Spool Drawings & Fabrication Drawings
  • Quantity Estimation for Plumbing Fixtures, Fittings and Accessories